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Abstract Paint
Abstract Paint

Hi, I'm Maryruth!

I'm a passionate interdisciplinary artist who creates abstract surrealistic art by conjoining my life experiences with seven concussions, chronic migraines, and chronic pain. My art depicts my journey from trauma to healing and the reality of living with chronic illnesses. I capture the brevity of human life and inspire others to see beauty through life's pains.

My Story

Maryruth Neige Maichin is a multidisciplinary artist who created a series of watercolor paintings during a period of debilitating chronic migraines with auras after she sustained a head injury in a car accident in 2021. Because Maryruth has had a history of seven concussions, this newest head injury significantly impacted her by exacerbating the migraines she has had since her childhood concussions. Doctors considered her 2021 head injury as the final head trauma she could withstand; nevertheless, Maryruth remained hopeful and diligently underwent therapy and rehabilitation. Being the neverending creative, she decided to paint the chaotic world she experienced during this debilitating time. Since Maryruth was a child, she has expressed herself through the arts; while she struggled with her health growing up, she determined to be an artist as her life's profession; she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design and English from East Stroudsburg University of Pennslyvania in 2019. Maryruth is in the works of publishing a book of her Art on the chaotic world with head trauma and chronic migraines with auras. With this book, she will educate readers on how chronic migraines are the silent robbers of the sufferers' lives. Her book will tell about chronic pain and resonate with anyone who has experienced it; it will speak of a message of hope, understanding, and resilience of living in this world encircled with pain.

Abstract Paint

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